Completed Projects

Sprucing Up Calgary Quest School!

Calgary Quest School’s mission is rooted in creating a supportive learning environment for cross-disability students and their families. They aim to help students achieve the best outcomes in their social, emotional, and educational journey. CQS offers a full-day, Elementary School, Junior High and High School programs for students from 6


Lighting up The Lantern Community Church with colour!

The Lantern Community Church is a beautiful historic building and one of the oldest churches in Calgary. Built in 1912, the building has undergone significant wear and tear, including surviving a fire 80 years ago. The Church is located in the heart of Inglewood and, in addition to a vibrant


Adding Some Bright Colours to WINS!

The Women in Need Society (WINS) is a Calgary-based charity helping women in need and their families since 1992. WINS operate five Family Resource Centres, a Free Goods Referral Program, Employment Services, Recycling Program, and the WINS five Thrift Stores social enterprise. Three of the Family Resource Centres operate within