Lighting up The Lantern Community Church with colour!

The Lantern Community Church is a beautiful historic building and one of the oldest churches in Calgary. Built in 1912, the building has undergone significant wear and tear, including surviving a fire 80 years ago. The Church is located in the heart of Inglewood and, in addition to a vibrant congregation, the space is home to many activities including the Circus School, the Kinderhouse, the Calgary Fringe Festival, the Animated Film Festival and a favourite place for weddings throughout the years. Serving around 1,000 people each month, the space needed a professional clean-up to make it shine and continue to be a welcoming home to anyone and everyone who steps through its doors.

“Thank you to The Urban Painter for their generosity as all this work was a gift to our facility. The workers were diligent and thoughtful and realized the importance of this historical structure to the community and proceeded with care.

As the building is used by hundreds of residents each week, we want to thank you on behalf of Inglewood and Ramsay. The owners of the Lantern see themselves as merely custodians for the next generation. The Urban Painter has assisted them in that goal.”

 — Pastor Ed
The Lantern Community Church

The Project – The Kitchen

There were many areas throughout the Church that could use come love and a fresh coat of paint. One of the bigger areas was its kitchen space in the basement. With brown and white linoleum floors and yellow walls, the space was not as bright and open as the Lantern wanted it to be and definitely needed some new life!

Working with the team at The Lantern Church, designer and colour consultant, Amanda Bryant, helped select colours that would work better for the space and allow more light to be bounced off the walls, creating a brighter, more vibrant atmosphere. The main colour selected was Benjamin Moore’s ‘Hancock Green’ (#HC-117), a refined green that added more elegance to the space and created the desired lightening effect.

The Project – Entryway and Staircase

Another space requiring some significant TLC was the entryway and main staircase. There were many areas where paint had chipped, showing significant wear and tear, including a half-painted wall on the staircase! As the first space that visitors see when they enter the Church, we wanted to make sure it looked great. Amanda again worked with The Lantern Church to select Benjamin Moore’s ‘Mannequin Cream’ (#OC-92), a warm creamy colour that complements the dark wood and creates an inviting ambiance to welcome visitors.

“It was such a privilege to be able to bring some much needed TLC to a historic building that has been etched in the Inglewood community for the past 100 years. The Lantern Church supports so many people and hosts so many great events, that it immediately became an important project for our team to tackle”.

– Jon Bryant

Chief of Colour, The Urban Painter

The Project – Exterior Windows

The last project was to refresh the exterior windows of The Lantern Church. These windows have weathered 110 years of rain, snow, hail and more! The paint was chipping and a few of the windows had never even been painted! A fresh coat of bright white paint complemented the exterior brick and highlighted the beautiful historic windows.

Our Thanks

Our vision for Paint4Good was quite simple: help those who help the community every day. We have many people and organizations to thank for making our vision for the Paint4Good initiative come true. We would like to thank our designer and colour consultant, Amanda Bryant, for volunteering her time and expertise for the colour consultations with The Lantern Church. We would also like to thank Jaimie Stewart, creator of Beautiful World Media Inc., for volunteering his time for the project photography and videography. We would like to thank Cooper Lifts for providing us with a lift to get us to those high exterior windows! And of course, we would like to give a huge thank you to Benjamin Moore for donating all the high-quality paint we used and 3M for providing us with top-tier PPE supplies. We could not have transformed this space without this tremendous support!

And finally, the biggest thank you to The Lantern Community Church for allowing us to come in and help rejuvenate your space. Thank you for your wonderful application and for all of the work you do for the community. 

We are so happy with the final result and we cannot wait for this space to open up to welcome visitors, artists and audiences from all walks of life!