The Transformation of Eastside Victory Outreach Church!

For over 25 years, Eastside Victory Outreach has been a beacon of light in the Forest Lawn community. They aim to help all and any individuals and families that are facing homelessness, living in poverty, domestic abuse, women in sex trade, and anyone who is hurting or in need. They do this by providing food, clothing, housing, resources, council, and referrals to support these individuals as best they can. 

This would bless our clients when they are able to enter after COVID is over. This is a sanctuary or “home” for most of our clients as they do not have homes. We like to instill dignity back that sometimes they do not give themselves. A welcome clean environment is a part of that.

 — Jacquie Meyer
Program Coordinator, Eastside Victory Outreach

The Project – Main Lobby & The Sanctuary

The main lobby and sanctuary are the spaces of Eastside Victory that get the most love and therefore, see the most wear and tear. On busier weeks, Eastside Victory can have days where they see anywhere between 150-300 people in a 4-hour span. We wanted to make sure that we could make this space beautiful for each of those people. The current green and orange colour combination made the space seem cramped and closed off, we knew we had to fix it!

Our professional designer, Amanda Bryant, worked with the Eastside Victory team to help select top quality colours from Benjamin Moore for each of the spaces. For the Sanctuary and main lobby, they chose Balboa Mist (#OC-27), a beautiful white colour that definitely helped open up the space and give it a major facelift! We also wanted to refresh all of the doors and trim on the main floor and basement, these were done in the colour Simply White (OC-117). 





The Project – Kitchen & Dining Rooms

With more than 200,000 people fed last year in 2019, the kitchen is the heart of the church. Many staff and volunteers move in and out of this space so we wanted to make sure it was a space they felt happy working in! 

“Eastside Victory Outreach inspired our staff and partners as their space was used to feed over 200,000 people last year. With so much use, the space was in need of a long overdue refresh. We’re so glad we could do just that.”

— Jon Bryant

Chief of Colour, The Urban Painter

The dining room was painted Edgecomb Gray (#HC-173) and the main kitchen/dining space was painted Pashmina (#AF-100). Both of these colours are high-coverage and very bright so they would help get rid of the “dungeon-y” feeling a lot of the staff and volunteers felt. 

The Project – The Clothing Room

The clothing room is where people in need can come and get second-hand clothes for free. Located in the basement of Eastside Victory, this room doesn’t get too much light, and with the old yellow paint, it seemed very closed off. Our goal was to open up the space and add a fun feature wall to make the room look brighter and happier. 

For the majority of the room, Amanda helped the team choose the colour Swiss Coffee (#OC-45). Similar to the kitchen and sanctuary space, Eastside Victory wanted to invite bright light to the space and Swiss Coffee was the colour for the job! In this room the team also wanted to add a fun feature wall, which was painted in the colour Monticello Rose (#HC-63).

“We feel very blessed to have been chosen for your COVID initiative as we were able to spare funds for other needs for our clients at the outreach. Each room looks clean and fresh due to your paint work. We want to thank you again and we will be recommending The Urban Painter to many others in need of a paint job.”

— Jacquie Meyer 

Program Coordinator, Eastside Victory Outreach

Our Thanks

A special thank you to Eastside Victory Outreach for being so wonderful to work with and for writing us all cards at the end of the project! We are so blessed to have been a part of this transformation and grateful for everything you do for our community.

Thank you to all of our partners that helped make this Paint4Good project a success!

  • Amanda Bryant — Colour Consultation
  • Jaimie Stewart, Beautiful World Media 
  • Benjamin Moore – Paint 
  • 3M – Tape – especially for the feature wall in the clothing room!!